Why You Should Consider an RV Surge Protector....

 Recreation vehicles today have multiple electronic circuit boards controlling various systems within the rig. These sensitive electronic systems are vulnerable to power surges and voltage fluctuations common in today's campgrounds, primarily caused by the high demand for power. It is our experience that many campgrounds, fairgrounds and park pedestals are incorrectly wired.

The Surge Protector protects against these problems and reduces risk of damage to the RV's electronic systems. The surge protector protects your RV from improper electrical power...over/under voltage...reverse polarity...open ground...high low frequency...and has digital readout of error codes, voltage, frequency and amperage being used...saves your electrical and electronics. 

The Surge Protector works by monitoring the source power, and when an electrical problem is present, the Protector reacts almost instantly by 1-shutting down the power to the rig or 2-by absorbing the excess energy from a power surge. 



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Detailed Description:

High low voltage protection: Whenever source power falls below 104 Volts, or rise above 132 volts the EMS automatically shut down power to the RV. Once the AC source rises above 104-volts, or below the 132-volt level the time delay indicator flashes for the preset time and then automatically restores power to RV.

Time delay for A/C Compressor: Whenever source power is interrupted by the source or the EMS, due to a fault condition the built in time delay is activated. There are two settings on the EMS; one is 136 seconds, and the other is 15 seconds. Consult you Air conditioner manual to see if it has a time delay built in if so use the 15-second delay if not use the 136-second delay

5 Mode surge protection: This feature provides full surge protection L-N, L-N, L-G, L-G, L-L, and N-G. Total Joule rating is 3640, response time of <1 nano second.

Surge Indicator: If ever a power surge damages the surge protector circuit within the EMS L-N, or L-G The digital display error code will read E-10. This is your indication that it needs to be replaced.  

Reverse polarity protection: If source power is a reverse polarity condition, the EMS will not allow power to the RV and the error code will read E1.

Open neutral protection: If the source has an open neutral condition the display will not light, and will not allow power to the RV.

Open ground protection: If source power has an open ground condition the EMS will read an error code of E2 and will not allow power to the RV.

AC Frequency Protection: If source power frequency deviants +/- 9 hertz from 60 cycles per second the EMS will shut down source power, and indicate an E7 or E8 error code on the digital display.

Accidental 220V protection: If 220 volts is detected when plugging into source power the EMS will not allow power to the RV. If this condition occurs while power is applied to the RV, the EMS shuts off power instantly. The display will read the voltage and the appropriate error code.

Integrated Digital Display: Scrolls continuously all of the power source information, voltage, current, frequency, error codes, and previous errors. Each reading is displayed for 2 seconds  

Previous error code: This feature tells the user why the EMS previously interrupted power to the RV. This is only displayed if an error actually occurs and goes away when power is disconnected to the EMS.

Manual bypass: To bypass the computer circuit in the EMS in the event of computer failure, thus allowing source power into the RV. This does not disable the surge protection portion of the EMS.

Microprocessor controlled: The computer, and remote display are driven by state of the art microprocessors that are programmed with software to drive the entire EMS. Should ever this software be changed EMS, owners can receive a free upgrade processor with the return of the old.

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